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Cleanroom Wipe Cloth

Abstract: Shenzhen Esocoo Indutrial Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China cleanroom wipe cloth manufacturers and suppliers, our factory is always able to produce low price cleanroom wipe cloth, non-dust cloth, 100% polyester fiber antistatic non-dust cloth with reliable quality.
Detailed description

4*4 inch         400pc/bag 40bag /ctn

6*6 inch         100pc/bag 10bags/ctn

9*9 inch         100pc/bag 10bags/ctn

12*12 inch        customized

 Clean cloth made of 100% polyester double knit and and soft surface, easy to wipe the surface sensitive, friction, the fiber is off. With good water absorption and cleaning efficiency. Cleaning products and packaging are in the ultra clean workshop completed. Clean cloth optional edge: cold cutting, laser edge, ultrasonic sealed edge. Superfine fiber dust cloth general use of laser, ultrasonic perfect edge;

production line.

characteristics of dust wipe cloth:

 1, the fine dust removal effect, with anti-static function;

 2, high efficiency water absorption;

 3, soft will not damage the surface of the object;

 4, provide adequate dry, wet strength

 5, ion release is low;

 6, it is not easy to cause chemical reactions.

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