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Cleanroom Wiper

Cleanroom Wiper
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Packing Detail Specifications Weight: 56/60/65/68 gsm for plain, 45gsm for mesh NonwovenTechnics:Spunlace Class: 100/1000 Non-woven fabric,Comprised of 55% cellulose,45% polyester, double knit consruction excellently allows water and oil absorption, soft texture,good anti-staic property,widely...

Detailed Description

Packing Detail 

4*4 inch         1200pcs/pkg, 10pkgs/ctn

6*6 inch         300pcs/pkg, 10pkgs/ctn

9*9 inch         300pcs/pkg, 10pkgs/ctn

12*12 inch        100pcs/pkg, 15pkgs/ctn


 Weight: 56/60/65/68 gsm for plain, 45gsm for mesh
 NonwovenTechnics:Spunlace Class: 100/1000
 Non-woven fabric,Comprised of 55% cellulose,45% polyester, double knit consruction excellently allows water and oil absorption, soft texture,good anti-staic property,widely used in precision components and optical products polish. excellent absorbency,No detergent needed, Very soft and harmless on surfaces,Replacing rags for cleaning.

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